Anyone can join a Zoom event at Vestal UMC

Zoom is created so that everyone can participate. You do not have to have a computer, or even a smart phone or other device. Please check the examples below and choose the one that best fits your needs for more information on how to join us.

Example A:
I have one of the following and want to participate in a Zoom meeting with audio and video:

* A desktop computer with a camera, speakers, and a microphone
* A laptop with built in camera and microphone
* A smartphone, tablet, iPad or similar with a front facing camera

Click on the link that applies to you for more instructions.

Example B:
I do not have a computer, smart phone, tablet or iPad. How do I participate in a Zoom meeting?

You can still participate audibly by calling 1-888-475-4499. When you do you will be asked to put in a Meeting ID. The meeting ID may be different for each meeting we host. Please check the meeting announcement for the specific ID for the meeting you are participating in.

Example C:
What if I have a computer, but no camera, speaker or microphone?

Please follow the instructions in Example A and B. You can see other video participants by following Example A, and hear and participate in the meeting by also following Example B.