Sixth Through Twelfth Grades

The Education Team has decided to hold our program off-campus for middle and high school youth until we have an opportunity to evaluate how well the public schools are able to handle the new Covid-19 protocols. At our October meeting, we will make a decision as to the wisdom of returning to our campus in November or continuing resource students in their homes.

There is a Middle School class for youth in sixth through eighth grade and a High School class for youth in ninth through twelfth grades. Our theme this year is Kingdom Quest. Join the adventure as we discover what it means to live in God's kingdom! We are providing curriculum and materials to each family that is registered as well as Zoom gatherings.

The High School class will meet at 10:45 am on Sundays beginning on September 20th using the Bible in Life series. Our first topic is "Following God with Courage." The Middle School class time is still to be determined. We will be exploring topics in a series called Groove.

Please register each youth using the button below so that we can provide class-appropriate materials.